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st beam trac○king, and fast bea◆m switching for th〓e best performa■nce for mobile te◆rminal. Moving at ○about 25 km per ○hour, the termina〓l user experienced◆ the high-speed○ transmission a〓nd stable throughput■.Huawei and 〓Docomo jointly wor〓ked on the ◆5G innovatio●n and successfully 〓conducted a■ series of lar

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ge●-scale field◆ trials since Decem●ber 2014. ●Currently,○ the developments ◆of 5G have〓 entered a new■ era, with t●he first v●ersion of 3GPP 5G■ standard of R○elease-15 ex◆pected to be ●completed in 2018◆. The indu◆stry is thus ente〓ring the 5G pre-c○ommercial st○age."Huawei● will continue to◆ work on re●search and dev●elopment of■ mobile communicati■ons technolog■ies in cooperation〓 with partners aroun○d the world?/p>

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